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It captures the soul of blues music in a lighthearted fashion and gives the world one of the greatest duos of all time with Jake and Elwood Blues. Dan Aykroyd and the late John Belushi had a very spec.

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After all, they’ve been like the Elwood and Jake Blues of City Hall for years. No, that last part didn’t happen. Yes, I’ve seen “The Blues Brothers” too many times. But, you have to admit, that wou.

SPRINGFIELD – Illinoisans have chosen "The Blues Brothers" as the top movie in state history, embracing a film that celebrates car crashes, classic songs, Chicago landmarks and two shady characters tr.

Popper learned he had perfect pitch while singing in church, and despite being handed a tuba by his parents — “that’s a classic,” he writes, “give the fat kid a tuba” — Dan Aykroyd’s Elwood Blues pers.

While appearing on The Dennis Miller Show (via ComingSoon), franchise star Dan Aykroyd once again says, "Yes, we will be doing the movie and hopefully with Mr. Murray. That is our hope. We have an exc.

Playing at: Synopsis: It’s 18 years later and Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) is getting out of prison and. And then I meant something, too. Yes, smaller than the smallest, I meant something, too. To Go.

Ever wondered what happened to the mall in The Blues Brothers after Jake, Elwood, and all those cops drove right through it? They actually left it just the way it was, but that’s only the start of the.

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Hill: When you hear of Pier 1 Imports, do you also think of The Blues Brothers, and, I think it’s Elwood Blues, with that Chicago twang. Barker: Wow! Wow! Hill: Yes. Everything. Coffee mugs, ball c.

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San Francisco is a great town for live music, but when it comes to the grand tradition of the piano bar where amateurs and semi-pros get up and sing, we only really have one true example in the city,

In the words of Elwood Blues, “This place has got everything. In case you were wondering, yes, the company does sell coffins and emergency food supply kits that range up to 4,000 single servings. T.

I am here to praise "The Blues Brothers," which is not merely the best film set in Illinois — it is arguably the greatest comedy/musical/adventure movie in Hollywood history. And, yes, I considered.

Produced by Dan Aykroyd and Judith Belushi, the Official Blues Brothers Revue will bring the sound of Jake and Elwood Blues to the stage on March 14. The season closes on April 25 with a band of blueg.

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Yes, John Belushi may have gone on to the great Animal House in the sky, but that didn’t stop Dan Aykroyd and director John Landis from bringing the Blues Brothers back on. to reprise the role of E.

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